Kate Mansfield

Executive and Corporate Coach, MBA, Relationship and Leadership Expert


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She started her career in management, working in hospitality she was quickly snapped up at the tender age of 19 by Jean Cristophe Novelli and then Bruno Loubet, managing teams in top restaurants on the London food and club scene. Working nights and studying by day she graduated in Film Studies and got her first job in TV in 1998, as Front of House manager of a major production house in Soho and then moving to Ealing Studios in 2001 to head up a £50 million redevelopment project as Studio Manager.

Entrepreneurship came next when she set up and ran her own advertising agency, selling directors and producing TV adverts and promos.

Following a career break after an injury and burn out she re-trained as a Relationship Therapist with Relate and worked as a couples therapist. She then added to her skills with a certificate in Executive and Corporate Coaching before setting up her current business as a corporate and executive coach. Her current work perfectly brings together her 25 years of management and leadership experience with her relationship and conflict resolution skills gained from working with couples to provide a unique consultancy which has a lazer-sharp insight into how human beings relate.

She has managed and trained 1000’s of individuals and teams including managers and supervisors in industries where customer service and delivery on time and to spec is paramount. She has worked with some of the world’s most talented and renowned creatives, including A-list celebrities and high-net worth individuals.

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Natalie Dee

London Life Coach


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Natalie Dee is a life coach for professional men and women. There are many problems that professionals experience in their business and personal lives. Her goal is to be your catalyst for change and give you the necessary tools you need to make positive changes in your life.

When you realise the things holding you back from achieving success and happiness you’ll know what you need to do to overcome them.

A life coach is someone that can guide you through all of the difficult moments in your personal and business life. Not everyone knows how to make these changes on their own and that is why a life coach is so important.

She has 30 years of exposure in this field with 10 of those years working as a practising life coach. She has already helped many professionals overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from success in their lives.

In particular, some of the most common obstacles she has noticed in many professional women is a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. These problems can be particularly crippling and they can affect your life in a variety of ways. They can affect your ability to achieve success and happiness.

She has a coaching style that is very direct and straight to the point. She has a mentally stimulating approach that is designed to help you to work through all of your problems, and help you come up with a practical resolution that you can use to make positive changes in your life.

Her goal is to be the catalyst for change in your life so you can step up and achieve all the success you want in your life, and live an amazing life that feels authentic to you.

In her working career she has spent time performing a variety of different roles. In particular she spent time working in Human Resources, youth counselling and training. She runs the IT training section of an IT department of a corporate firm in London. She also set up and ran her own IT training agency, which she eventually sold for a profit.

Her experience is broad and this is what enables her to assist people to make the positive changes they need in their lives. Not only that but she has achieved a lot of success in her own professional career, which is why she is ideal to help you achieve your own goals. She understands the needs and concerns of busy working professionals.

She believes in pushing oneself to achieve the most in life to ensure that your time is not wasted. This includes setting new goals and challenges, which is something that she does myself.

“Walk your talk and always challenge your mind to achieve new and greater things than you’ve ever done before, it keeps you young, focused and gives you a great positive spirit for life!”

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Maeve Crawford

Relationship Coach

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She believes: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

Having worked with singles for the last few years, Maeve has realised some truths about dating and soul mate attraction which she shares with her clients in private and group sessions.

After many failed relationships, Maeve spent many years on a spiritual quest to discover the truth about love and relationships. This soul search attracted her to relationship educators, spiritual teachers, shamanic guides and Universal Laws. Her awareness of her soul wisdom and connection to her higher self, which guides and protects, significantly enhanced her understanding of love and relationship. It also helped attract her twin flame and enabled them to co-create a sacred soul union and experience a Love like No Other.

Maeve is on a mission to share this wisdom with as many people as possible during one-to-one and group conversations.

She passionately shares her discoveries about love and empowers those she works with to also experience a love like no other. She has learned how to love herself and invites you to do the same as part of your soul mate / twin flame adventure.

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