About Laura

Photographer, Laura Gub

  • Communicating through photos is a big part of my life.

  • I have started modelling at the age of 30. It taught me how to break a genuine smile and how to look into the camera with confidence. It also taught me that it is all about capturing the moment and framing it right. Working with both professional and amateur photographers taught me the difference between good and bad photos.

    I did modelling for 7 years. By then I was a hobby photographer, snapping every scene that caught my eye. And people.

    • MyLinkedInPhotos.com was established as a sister brand of MyDatingPhotos.com, my first photography company that offers people the opportunity to get attention and dates.

      MyLinkedInPhotos.com is a niche service of MyDatingPhotos.com that helps people build their image in business.

    • My passion is portrait photography and I look forward to meeting you and capturing your shining personality.

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