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Let’s capture the real YOU, the professional YOU on your lunch break! Don’t say cheese! Just be confident and smile!

MyLinkedInPhotos is portrait photography with a twist. It aims to capture you at your most natural and at the same time at your best. That’s what this type of photography is most accomplished at, capturing the real you.

  • *** Why MyLinkedInPhotos? ***

    Besides your qualifications, experience and skills, which are all very important factors, you also need to bring across your personality. And as such, it...

  • **** Packages and Prices ****

    Instead of a boring and uptight photo shoot, imagine a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a park, or in a location where you feel...

  • *** No Business Card without a Photo ***

    Think of the next day of a networking event or a conference and the stack of business cards you collected. How many times do...

  • img_3824

    “I’ve had photo shoots before, where I was sitting  under some lights and asked to move one way or the other, smile...

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  • DSCN1669

    “Laura keeps her professional manner throughout the photo shoot and also makes it fun.” Working wit Laura was great! She worked really...

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  • DSCN1519

    “I love my photos as Laura managed to capture my different moods: smiling, cheeky, thoughtful, amused.” I was not sure what to...

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  • IMG_2140

    “Laura is so multi-talented with her style and flare for photography. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed with my photos...

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  • DSCN1441-1-1024x999

    “The shoot was not about posing to the camera. It was about feeling good and showing it.” I am the fidgety type...

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  • DSCN1648

    “To be around her makes you feel at ease so you are comfortable to take photos.” Laura is very professional and a...

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  • DSCN1660

    “I had a really great day with Laura on our photo shoot, she made us laugh and feel relaxed. I really felt...

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  • unnamed (10)

    “I just smiled in her direction and there, I have got my photos. The feedback has been incredible.” Posing is not my...

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  • IMG_2093

    “You really made me try not to think about having my photo taken.” As you were aware that was my first photoshoot...

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  • IMG_2572-1024x683222

    “Laura Gub also provides photoshoots to enhance your Linkedin profile. She’s the person who took my facebook profile shot…she really makes you...

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  • IMG_2637-1-1024x683

    Laura is a great photographer, which I’m sure is because she has been on the other side of the camera too. With...

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